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Potty Training Tips: Learn the S-A-C Approach to Get Your Dog Toilet Trained

Understandably, not all of us are experts in potty training dogs. To some degree, we all have varying experiences when training dogs because every dog is also an individual.

Here we will present to you several potty training tips that will help you eliminate many problems that you will encounter as you continue your journey in toilet training your pet dogs.

The Signal

The first on our list of potty training tips is identifying and determining the signal to potty. To prevent potty training problems, you need to identify the right time for the dog to poop. This is the routine that you will develop along with the puppy.

These times or intervals will be embedded in the puppy’s biological body clock and soon it will become instinctive for the puppy to know when it is potty time. It is best to take your puppy out for potty break during these times:

  • In the morning
  • After breakfast
  • After lunch
  • After dinner
  • After snacks
  • After playing
  • Before sleeping
  • If he makes noise or whimpers

During these intervals, you need to take the puppy out to the place where you want it to poop. Since you cannot do this alone, especially if you have work, you need someone to replace you and be diligent as you to complete this routine.

Potty training problems occur if the training is not done consistently. At the very least, it will take months before the puppy familiarizes itself with this routine.

The Action

Second to the list of our potty training tips is the action you need to take when the dog eliminates. There are two things that you need to take into consideration here:

  1. the dog pooped in the right spot
  2. the dog pooped at the wrong spot

If the dog pooped at the right spot, either because you took it there or it went there by itself, you need to heartily praise it. If the dog is eliminating at the right spot while you are watching and holding its leash, praise it.

You need to come up with your own word or phrase of command that the dog will always hear when it goes to a potty break.

Most people use the term “Go potty!” Say these words when the dog is doing its deed in the right place. This is the only way you can let the dog understand that what it is doing is something you appreciate. Soon enough, the dog will poop at your command.

If you caught the dog eliminating at the wrong spot, reprimand it right away with a low tone of voice. Do not use the magic words (go potty). After reprimanding the dog, take it to the spot where it should eliminate.

When it produces, praise it heartily and pet it. Stroke it and show the dog how much you appreciate its obedience.

The Consequence

The last in our list of potty training tips is dealing with consequence management. Potty training dogs is difficult. This is why you need a lot of patience and time. It requires a huge amount of effort and determination just to get by in the day.

Obviously, you will not be around all day to do this and there might be no one else who can do this for you.

When you leave the dog in the house without a crate, expect it to poop just about everywhere. This is part of the deal that you got yourself into so acceptance from your part is necessary.

Do not reprimand the dog if you see poop in the house but you never caught it in the act. It will only associate bad feeling with the last action it was doing before you reprimanded it.

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