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Potty Training Problems: How to Solve the Top Two Challenges for Dogs’ Restroom Ethics

If we all have potty training problems with our children, don’t you think we would have more with our dogs? Since dogs do not have the intelligence of humans and they act on instinct, it would require much more patience and determination to succeed in this endeavor.

Below we will show common problems when toilet training dogs and we will also provide potty training tips that will help solve these challenges.

Location Issue

One of the most common potty training problems is the location. Some dogs do not realize that eliminating inside the house is completely unacceptable.

This is especially so if the dog you own was never housetrained. Surely, this will drive you crazy and might take you to a point where you would almost give up.

The solution to this is crate training. Some owners think that potty training dogs is just about taking it outside the house once a day. They do not realize that dogs do not really know where the right place is.

They only act based on what makes them feel good. Dogs will eliminate almost everywhere, especially if they are marking their territory.

If territorial pissing is the problem, you need to take action once you see the dog lift its leg to urinate. Reprimand the dog, show displeasure, and take him out where he can do his thing.

Crate training is proven to solve potty training problems and it is a recommended solution because dogs are den animals. This means that instinctively, they respect their own homes and they do not want to soil in the same place where they sleep.

Crate training means that you need to put the dog in a crate in its first few weeks or even months for certain intervals daily. Your presence is of vital importance to prevent potty training problems.

When it begins to feel the need to eliminate, you need to be there to take him out to the right place where it can poop. Once the idea of a “home” is established in the dog’s mind, you can gradually release him for longer hours outside its crate and then eventually get rid of the crate.

Coprophagia Issue

When potty training dogs, be prepared for the worst. At one time or another, you may have seen a dog eating its own poop. This activity or behavior is called coprophagia. It is disgusting and unhygienic. It will lead to grave diseases and other health problems.

Dogs eat poop for thousands of reasons. Here, we will be enumerating the most common reasons and provide potty training tips to prevent this behavior from developing or from getting worse. Below are some reasons for coprophagia, some of which are self-explanatory when it comes to the solution.

  • The dog is hungry
    - Always make sure that you are feeding the dog at the right time with the right amount.
  • The dog wants to clean up
    - When dogs poop in their crates, they tend to clean up their own mess. This normally happens when the dog is tied up to a post or if it is confined in a very small space.
  • Parasites and worms
    - If the dog has parasites in its body, these worms will suck your dog dry of nutrients, causing it to become more hungry.
  • Boredom and loneliness
    - Make sure that the dog gets adequate exercise and play everyday. Boredom drives dogs crazy and they do nutty things.
  • To hide evidence
    - Dogs get scared if you hurt them for pooping. This makes the dogs instinctively eat their pop to hide evidence, this is also a normal behavior if they have puppies and the puppies pooped. The mother dogs eat the poop to prevent predators form smelling the poop.
  • Acquired habit
    - Dogs that see other dogs eat poop will emulate the action.

Potty training is said to be difficult. However, it seems that it is also the most rewarding of all.

If you maintain your patience until the dog is potty trained, you will feel a hug sense of accomplishment for being able to impart discipline to your dog, something that everybody will be happy about and benefit from.

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